About Us

The Western Australian Nurses Memorial Charitable Trust is the "heir and successor" to the Nurses Memorial Centre (Inc).

In the late 1950s a committee initiated by the Royal Australian Nursing Federation was formed with the prime objective of purchasing a property to provide accommodation for nursing organizations in Western Australia together with some residential accommodation for visiting nurses. 

In 1959 the prestigious property at 34 Kings Park Road, West Perth was purchased and named the Nurses Memorial Centre. Office accommodation, storage space, meeting and function rooms were provided for various nursing bodies, the principal one being the RANF, from 1959 until the property was sold in April 1997. 

During those years fund raising continued and the rear of the property was developed to provide a kitchen and toilet block to service meetings and functions in the Lesser Hall and subsequently the Large Hall that was built with more office space above it. Residential accommodation did not eventuate as needs and trends changed. 

The Centre provided offices and class rooms for the inaugural education programs conducted by the College of Nursing, Australia prior to the move into the general tertiary education system as the School of Nursing at the, then, Western Australian Institute of Technology (WAIT) now the Curtin University of Technology. 

The Centre also saw the birth of the WA Nurses Credit Society and was its home for many years. In 1990 the Nurses Credit Society merged with the Police Credit Union to form the Police and Nurses Credit Society. The Nurses Memorial Centre property was managed by the Nurses Memorial Centre Committee (incorporated 1976). 

It became increasingly obvious over time that the Centre was no longer adequate for its purpose: it was in need of major renovations and accommodation was stretched beyond its capacity. The decision to sell was made at an Annual General Meeting of members and the property was eventually sold in April 1997. 

Decisions about the use of the Centre's assets were deliberated and it was agreed that another property was not required as the Nursing Federation, a long-term tenant, had been compensated for its accommodation needs. 

In 1998 The Western Australian Nurses Memorial Centre Charitable Trust was established. In November 1999, following a resolution from a Special General Meeting of Members, the Ministry of Fair Trading agreed to the winding-up of the Nurses Memorial Centre (Inc.) and the dispersion of its assets. 

The Nurses Board of Western Australian was given artworks, the WA Medical Museum was the recipient of written records, and The Western Australian Nurses Memorial Charitable Trust became the manager of the cash assets. 

Prior to winding-up, various donations were made to the Australian Service Nurses National Memorial in Canberra ($100,000), the WA Medical Museum ($20,000), and smaller amounts to the WA Army Museum towards maintenance of nursing displays, to the Boer War Memorial fund, and to Hollywood Private Hospital (previously the Repatriation General Hospital) for the new stained glass window as part of the refurbishment of its Chapel.

Trustees in accordance with a Deed of Trust manage the Western Australian Nurses Memorial Charitable Trust. The Trustees administer funds of The Trust, incorporating the previous Olive Anstey Nursing Fund Inc (OANF Inc) and the Bush Bequest, the latter having been established under the will of the late Mr Arthur Bush. 

The OANF (Inc) was wound up in favour of the Trust effective from September 2001. To perpetuate the memory of Olive Anstey CBE, grants/awards will continue in her name and be called "Nurses Memorial Trust Olive Anstey Grant/Award". The Trustees allocate the funds as part of the Trust's total grants/awards similarly to that of the "Nurses Memorial Trust Bush Bequest Grant/Award". Olive Anstey held significant leadership roles in nursing at local, national and international levels including being the inaugural President of the Nurses Memorial Centre Committee of WA at its inception in 1959 and the World President of ICN 1977 to 1981. 

The role of the Trustees is the administration of the Trust to ensure that the assets of the Trust remain in the hands of and under the control of nurses for the benefit of the nursing profession for the foreseeable future. 

The objects of the Trust are, by definition and law, broad-based and Charitable in nature. The Trust may recognise and reward outstanding service to the nursing profession. 

The Trust awards grants for use by nurses to advance health care through education, research, practice and management in all health arenas in Western Australia. 

Grants are available through a formal application process regulated by the Trustees. 

Inaugural Chairman: Wilma Gardiner, August 1999 to February 2006
Current Chairman: Gail Milner, February 2006